Top Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Trading cryptocurrencies became of one the most popular ways to increase personal fortune. Since cryptocurrency business have emerged in 2009, there appeared new millionaires. They wisely invested into the electronic currency trade, and got high return on investment.

One of the first types of e-money was Bitcoin. It is the most successful cryptocurrency on financial market. There appeared some more that are beneficial to invest into. If you choose the right cryptocurrency to make an investment, you can make a fortune rapidly.

The Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest Into

Virtual market developed intensively during the recent years. There appeared new cryptocurrencies that are used to develop initial coin offerings. Here are the best e-money to buy in 2018:

  • Bitcoin. It is the most stable e-currency. Its price was quite stable till 2017. Today, investors can see small decline in its price. The most important benefit of trading Bitcoin is that in many countries, it is legally permitted to invest into it. Not all currencies is permitted for trading on in certain countries.
  • Ethereum. This is a second cryptocurrency in the investment rating. It was developed to starts the initial coin offering projects. It was one of the first e-currencies that successfully merged on financial markets thanks to ICO. It is one of the most stable electronic currencies as well.
  • Ripple. This e-money was a pioneer in the virtual financial sector. It was developed to facilitate the e-commerce online. If you would like to buy this money, you won’t have to wait for long. It has one of the shortest approval time, which is equal to about 8 days.


These are key cryptocurrencies to invest into. They dominate the modern virtual financial sector. Traders have the highest trust in those. If you are a risk-taker, you can still invest in the latest types of e-money. Tethers, Bitcoins, Stellar Lumens are other types of e-money to invest into.

How To Invest Electronic Money

To derive a good profit from trading, a person should not only buy money. One can also invest in initial coin offering projects.

Initial coin offering is a recent investment trend. It is directly connected to virtual currencies market. Here is a description of how to invest online:

  • An investor has to choose a project that he finds attractive. A project in e-commerce is a simple start-up. Investor has to invest his e-tokens to monetise a business.
  • If startup gathers enough money, it starts to operate. If operations run successfully, it will bring profits to the investor.
  • If a young business does not work well, a person will be given his money back.

Initial coin offering helps to raise money for startups. It offers simplified ways to invest in various projects.

ICO is beneficial because a person can’t lose investment. However, many people are sceptic about putting too much money in virtual startups. Their doubt largely comes from the lack of practice. ICO is definitely the future of virtual investments. More and more people will put their savings into innovative startup projects.